Which is your favorite of these early AMPCorp projects?

GK Star Trek (16)

James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures (10)

What a Witch (10)

On All Hallows' Eve films (8)

Early Beat's Myth music videos (7)

Total votes: 51

Welcome to AMPCorp!

We're a non-profit, just-for-fun group of videomakers. Our "company" officially started in the year 2000, and we've been making videos ever since! We have a channel on YouTube, amppro5, Facebook page (AMP Corporation) and this website.

Though our videos have no budget and we never profit from them monetarily, we have profited from our experiences together as friends, and have always gained a certain pride from our opportunities to do something productive together. See our "About Us" tab to learn more about us.


Current Projects

See our "Active Franchises" tab for more information on current franchises/series!

-The 20th Philip Krieg film for Summer 2013 is currently in pre-production. The working title "Down to the Wire" is subject to change, but the script is beginning to take its final form. The movie will analyze Agent 07's character more than ever before, with appearences of old friends, foes, and memories. We expect this film, due out in June or July, to be a great contribution to the franchise as our milemarker 20th film!

-"The Charlotte Ferris Show" season IV is releasing new episodes every Friday through May 3rd! You won't want to miss a single one... we worked very hard to make this season the best one yet! Make sure to take a look back at previous episodes and tune in for new laughs every week!

-Production for "Three Too Many" season III has begun. Several episodes and scenes have already been filmed, and production will hopefully be completed by the end of April for a summer release!

-The new Beat's Myth album for 2013 is now in production stage, as are new albums by The Ampettes and Charlotte Ferris. Look for new singles/music videos throughout the year!

-Pre-production has begun on "The AMP Variety Show" season III, and a sequel to last summer's super hero film "First in Justice."

-"Blackwater" season II is also in production, scheduled for a summer release.

Contact Us

You can reach our YouTube channel, amppro5, at this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/amppro5?feature=mhee.  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think, or you can send us a personal message. We always appreciate feedback!


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"Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters" Coming Soon!

10/19/2015 22:26
"Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters," the final special LEGACY 15 Project of AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary Celebration, has completed post-production, and is waiting to be released on Halloween. This film in many ways is the perfect finale to the main events of AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary. It is...

New Logos for 2016

09/18/2015 23:31
AMPCorp is in the process of choosing new logos for 2016, including for each division. Since 2004, this has been done every 3 years to reflect new styles, directions, and technology at AMPCorp. The process takes several weeks, starting with rough drafts of basic ideas created by AMPCorp chief...

Introducing Vanguard Pictures

08/28/2015 01:05
AMP Productions has opened a new sub-division, Vanguard Pictures, which was created to house "Summer Watching" and other future avant-garde projects at AMPCorp. "Summer Watching," coming to YouTube on September 4th, will be AMPCorp's first true avant-garde project, focusing on the concept of...

"The Amazing James Crabb" Starts Friday

08/02/2015 11:13
The original "James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures" series, was produced by the then new D-Dowd Productions from 2003 to 2005, for three seasons. This series, about a super-hero hermit crab loosely based on the concept of James Bond, was rather ridiculous, but that's part of what makes it so funny...

Mid-Summer Updates

07/17/2015 14:06
◇AMPCorp Updates for the Summer of 2015   ✧D-Dowd Productions   "The Amazing James Crabb," the new comedy-adventure series from D-Dowd Productions based on its founding project "James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures" from 2004, will be releasing episodes Fridays starting in August. The new...

Busy Month in May

06/08/2015 10:22
May was an extremely busy month at AMPCorp, with the release of the season finale of “The Charlotte Ferris Show” and weeks of extensive traveling and filming at world locations. The main project of focus was GK Production’s new short film, “In the Balance.” Produced by the makers of the Philip...

D-Dowd Productions Announces the Final Season of "The Charlotte Ferris Show"

04/25/2015 17:18
D-Dowd Productions has announced that Season VII, already in production and due to be released Spring 2016, will be the final season of "The Charlotte Ferris Show." "TCFS" has become AMPCorp's flagship project in recent years, since the Philip Krieg franchise ended in 2013, and it has been the main...

Major D-Dowd Production Day

04/13/2015 14:11
On Friday, April 10th, the entire crew of D-Dowd Productions met for this year's main production day, which marked the beginning of major production on "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VII, as well as a new series, "The Amazing James Crabb." Each year since about 2011, D-Dowd Productions has had...

Spring Production Updates

04/07/2015 11:52
❍GK MUSIC Over the Easter weekend, GK Music began production on its 18th album, "Mists." This included the recording of most guitar and vocal tracks, several keyboard tracks, and the filming of music videos with promotional photos. This spring, a special triple-music-video from "Mists" will be...

"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Episode Order Released

02/26/2015 15:59
"The Charlotte Ferris Show" starts next week, with Season 6 premiering on March 6th!  D-Dowd Productions put a lot of work into the sixth season of AMPCorp's current flagship series, with not only new characters and comedy, but a total refresh of the show's look. Season 6 will feature a...
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