What was your favorite of the original Philip Krieg: SIN Agency films?

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Welcome to AMPCorp!

We're a non-profit, just-for-fun group of videomakers. Our media group officially started in the year 2000, and we've been making videos ever since! We have a channel on YouTube, amppro5, Facebook page (AMP Corporation) and this website.

Though our videos have no budget and we never profit from them monetarily, we have profited from our experiences together as friends, and have always gained a certain pride from our opportunities to do something productive together. See our "About Us" tab to learn more about us.


Current Projects

See our "Active Franchises" tab for more information on current franchises/series!

-"Wages of Sin," the second Philip Krieg re-edit, will re-imagine the second story-arc of the Agent 07 films much like "Against All Odds" last year. Another Eclipse Picture is possible as well.

-"The Charlotte Ferris Show" is entering its 7th and final season this spring. Be sure to stay tuned for the big finale! "The Amazing James Crabb" may continue, but a new art film in the style of "People on the Street" is certainly in the works.

-AMP Productions will release new seasons of "A Cat's Life" and "Around the World: In Three Minutes" in 2016. A new avant-garde film is also expected.

-Beat's Myth's 2016 album will include several classic-styled songs as well as experimental tracks. EPs by other artists are possible but not certain.


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You can reach our YouTube channel, amppro5, at this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/amppro5?feature=mhee.  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think, or you can send us a personal message. We always appreciate feedback!


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"Wages of Sin" Premiers November 25th

11/16/2016 12:10
In 2015, "Against All Odds" was released in January to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Philip Krieg/Agent 07 movies. "Now or Never" had been filmed in January of 2005, and was re-edited into "Against All Odds" along with "Secrets and Surprises" (2006), "Enemy Encounters" (2006), "Renegade in...

Brief Autumn Updates

09/30/2016 22:51
Here is an update from each division on upcoming and recent projects.   ✧D-Dowd Productions A new series of shorts, called "Comedy Moments," was released throughout September. These brief weekly videos incorportated the best elements of "Comedic Commercials" (2013) and "In the News" (2014) and...

Mid-Summer Updates

07/11/2016 13:41
Several things have been happening at AMPCorp since the big series finale of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" back in May.   ✧D-Dowd Productions A spinoff to "The Charlotte Ferris Show," called "Charlotte Ferris Today," was announced on AMPCorp's YouTube channel, amppro5, on June 6th. A pilot...

Series Finale of "The Charlotte Ferris Show"

05/05/2016 12:15
On May 6th, 2010, the pilot episode of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" was filmed. This Friday, May 6th, 2016, the very last episode will air. It has been seven seasons since the sitcom first began with Charlotte moving to Waldburg. How will it end? So far this season, Charlotte's photography studio...

Spring Updates

04/14/2016 11:21
Aside from new releases every Friday of "The Charlotte Ferris Show," AMPCorp has also been at work behind the scenes on several projects. The first, which began production last year in Europe, is "The Transcendentalist," by D-Dowd Productions and Airbrush Pictures. Like "People on the Street" in...

Season Premier of "The Charlotte Ferris Show"

03/23/2016 09:39
"The Charlotte Ferris Show" seventh and final season premiered on March 19th as part of the LIF 2016 Spring Film Festival. New episodes will be released every Friday through the series finale on May 6th. [Spoiler Alert] The first episode of season VII introduced a story arc which will extend...

"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VII Episode Titles Released

02/28/2016 10:12
The seventh and final season of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" will begin releasing episodes every Friday after the season premier on March 19th. Being the farewell season of AMPCorp's flagship project, this year's episodes will be big, hilarious, and even sometimes a bit dramatic, as they bring the...

"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Final Season - Production Complete

01/07/2016 10:29
On Monday, January 4th, nearly six years since Season I went into production in the spring, "The Charlotte Ferris Show" filmed the final scene in its final episode from the seventh and final season. A large portion of the show, with the full main cast, was filmed in April, with several scenes on...

November Updates

12/02/2015 23:04
For the first time since 2011, Thanksgiving weekend, traditionally a major production time for GK Productions, was active and productive for AMPCorp as a whole. GK Productions completed production on its main film project for the year, "In the Balance." Production for that film began in April, with...

"Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters" Coming Soon!

10/19/2015 22:26
"Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters," the final special LEGACY 15 Project of AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary Celebration, has completed post-production, and is waiting to be released on Halloween. This film in many ways is the perfect finale to the main events of AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary. It is...
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