A Handful of Updates

10/19/2012 20:17

AMPCorp had a huge production day September 30th, slightly later than originally hoped, but just as successful. Music videos for The Ampettes, live performances and interviews for "The AMP Variety Show," some shots for "Rectified," the upcoming Halloween short film, and a large chunk of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season IV were filmed. Look for previews, promo pictures and releases as the result of this productive day!

On Sunday October 21st, D-Dowd Productions will be completing "Rectified" which is set for an October 31st release. Also, the new Philip Krieg movie "Do or Die" will officially go into production with the filming of a short pre-credit dialogue.

Stay tuned for more news and releases... AMPCorp's busy, productive 2012 is not over yet!