A Hectic, but Exciting Time at AMPCorp!

07/27/2011 16:41

Most of July was a big month for AMPCorp as far as planning is concerned. The script for "Gone Rogue" was perfected, locations were assigned, episodes for the last part of "Three Too Many" season one and the first part of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" season III were written, and much planning and writing went into the new AMP Productions series coming this fall.

The next few weeks are going to be hectic in the way of filming, but very exciting at AMPCorp, as all our summer projects come to a head.

First of all, on July 27th, "Three Too Many" will film all but one of its final episodes. Beat's Myth plans to perform some key recordings in the studio as well, nearing completion of the "East Wind" album. Also, the secretive new AMP Productions series begins production.

Within the two following weeks, "Three Too Many" will complete production of season I (the exact date is yet to be decided) and D-Dowd Productions will simultaneously begin production on "The Charlotte Ferris Show" season III, with intentions of filming half of the season at this time.

On the weekend of August 12th, "Gone Rogue," the newest Philip Krieg film, will go into production, with plans to complete production by the next weekend. The film will be released in late August or, more likely, early September.

On August 19th, "Three Too Many" will release its first episode, continuing with Friday releases through October.

By mid September, production of the new AMP Productions series mentioned earlier will be completed, though we will hold release of episodes until November, a few weeks after "Three Too Many" ends syndication.

Also by mid September, the "East Wind" album will be completed, and the music videos will be filmed and released throughout the last months of the year.

"The Charlotte Ferris Show" season III will continue production in the fall, finish production in January, and begin releases either in February or March of 2012. Before then, the next Philip Krieg film, which will begin production in the fall, will be completed, and that will ring in the new year.

We have big plans at AMP Corporation, and we really appreciate all of the support and feedback from our viewers!