A New Project is Coming to AMP Productions...

06/30/2011 23:06

With the cancellation of the "What a Witch" series, a show that ran for five seasons in AMP Productions, it's time for something new. For years, "What a Witch" was AMP Production's steadiest project. It came to define the division, but as devotion and quality in the series began to falter, so did AMP Productions. Already eclipsed by the more ambitious projects of GK Productions, and now D-Dowd Productions as well, AMP Productions, originally intended to be the flagship division of AMP Corporation, fell further behind.

Developers at AMPCorp are planning a new project, a series, that will hopefully turn the AMP Productions division around and bring it to the level of quality and vibrancy that other divisions currently enjoy. This new project is specifically designed to complement other projects within AMPCorp, and will hopefully restore AMP Production's flagship status without risking the success of other franchises.

For the late fall and early winter of 2011, AMP Productions will begin to release its new series.

But what will this new show be about? In fact, what kind of show will it be? Stay tuned for more information as it comes in!