2014 Projects Plan

02/02/2014 16:13


[DD] = D-Dowd Productions / [GK] = GK Productions / [AMP] = AMP Productions / [GKM] = GK Music


Confirmed Projects:

[DD] "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season V (Wednesdays March 5 - May 7)

[GK] "Recommendation: Termination" (June 2014)

[AMP] "First in Action" (Summer or Fall 2014)

[GKM] Beat's Myth Album (Releases throughout the Year)


Potential Projects:

[DD] "In the News," a rework of "Commedic Commercials" (Fall 2014)

[GK] "Blackwater" Season III (Fall 2014)

[AMP] "Around the World," with information about foreign countries (Summer 2014), and another potential short series in the style of "What a Witch"

[GKM] Charlotte Ferris / Robyn Moore LP Combo (Summer 2014)


Cancelled Projects:

[DD] "Three Too Many" (but perhaps there will be a short film in the future)

[GK] Philip Krieg Franchise (with hopes of coming back to it some day)

[AMP] "The AMP Variety Show" (due to low interest and popularity)

[GKM] The Ampettes (due to changes in members)


"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VI will also go into production this year, for release in 2015.