20th Philip Krieg Film Title Changed

04/15/2013 12:15

"Do or Die" announced that Philip Krieg would return in "Down to the Wire," but after significant plot shifts and cast changes, the 20th Philip Krieg movie will now be entitled "Shadows of the Past," a title more relevent to the overall theme of the movie.

"As we make our mile marker 20th Philip Krieg film, we will also be taking a look back at the past 19 films, particularly at how they affected Agent 07 as a character," says Martin Groff who is writing the film. "Philip Krieg will face memories haunting him from the past, distant and recent. 'Shadows of the Past' is in many ways not only a sequel to 'Do or Die,' but also to every other Philip Krieg movie preceding it."

About 3 scenes have already been filmed for "Shadows of the Past," including the first scene (part of a two-scene pre-credit sequence) with Peter Groff and Charlotte Ferris, a scene from the second third of the movie (with Peter & Martin Groff and Brian & Emily Smith) and a scene from near the end of the movie, with Philip Krieg and Alyssa Patches. Major production begins in May with a scene starring Philip Krieg and Linda Baldassano who will be returning as Miss Monet, the Underground Banker who will have a more important role than ever before in this film.

The first teaser, using what little footage is already done, was released Sunday. Stay tuned for more updates and a second teaser due out after the first May production date.