About the LIF

01/12/2017 13:22

The LIF, or League of International Filmmakers (formerly known as LAF) is a network of independent small filmmakers from around the globe. The group currently has members representing Sweden, the UK, Japan, Finland, several US states, and many more nations and regions around the world who stay connected with each other to promote projects, give feedback, and offer their talents and skill.

AMPCorp has been a member of the LIF since its founding (as the LAF) in July of 2011. Originally, the members of what would become the LIF were a loose community of filmmakers who found each other on YouTube through a mutual interest in action and James Bond fan films. The type of projects featured within the network now span many genres and styles.

The LIF allows complete sovereignty and independence for its members while offering the support of a community of friends. The group edits a monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine, which keeps members up-to-date on their peers' projects and allows for the exchange of new ideas and feedback through articles and reviews. The LIF also sponsers yearly LIF Awards, where members are invited to self-nominate projects and vote in several categories to recognize some of the outstanding work of the year. Film Festivals also occur occasionally at the LIF to encourage feedback and productivity.

If you are interested in learning more about the League of International FIlmmakers, search us on YouTube to find a trailer that several members have posted, or check out our Facebook page, which is our main center of communication, at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/145833548882882/?multi_permalinks=957674204365475%2C957624571037105%2C957430464389849&ref=notif¬if_t=group_activity¬if_id=1484213376461609

You must be signed into Facebook to view, as it is a private page; but once you are logged in, you can read our description and request membership.