AMP Corporation Update: Fall 2012 (Transcript)

09/04/2012 09:01

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Here is the transcript from our AMP Update: Fall 2012 video from YouTube.

Hi, I’m Martin Groff, and this is an AMP Corporation update for the Fall of 2012, including updates on “Philip Krieg,” “The Charlotte Ferris Show,” our music projects and much more! We also have several new projects to announce.

But first of all, I’d like to thank you all for watching this summer. In addition to new music videos by Beat’s Myth, Charlotte Ferris and Robyn Moore, we began releases for our sitcom “Three Too Many,” revamped for 2012, and released “First in Justice,” a short superhero film. Of course our biggest release of the summer was the Philip Krieg film “Black Abyss,” our most ambitious project ever and a great success for us at AMPCorp, with its wide cast of characters, big action and car chases, and developed plot. This was our greatest summer ever in what’s adding up to be our biggest year ever, an accomplishment we are very proud of, and we appreciate everyone who watched and who commented on our projects. If you didn’t catch one of these projects, we have some links to our official releases in the video description below. Please comment or send us a message to let us know what you think; we always appreciate the feedback.

“First in Justice” was our final release for the summer, with its summery setting and classic AMP Productions style. There are plans to possibly make more films with the character Robert First next year. In the meantime, “Three Too Many” season II will continue into the fall, with the season finale airing on October 5th. We hope you’ve been enjoying season II’s new characters, situations and laughs, and would appreciate to hear more of what you think of the season as it continues this fall. With every project, we always appreciate your comments with praise and constructive criticism. It is always rewarding to hear what viewers and fellow filmmakers think of our hard work, and helps us to improve and stay motivated into the future.

In September and October we will be working mainly on “The Charlotte Ferris Show” season IV, which began production in July with the filming of part of an episode guest starring Philip Krieg. The season’s 10 episodes will include last year’s recurring cast of Charlotte Ferris, Martin Groff, Robyn Moore, Peter Groff and Tom Smith, as well as a new recurring character played by George Ambrose. We are very eager to continue production on what we think will be an even better season than last year. Though you will see previews before then, releases start in February or March.

Late October will bring another short film from AMPCorp, this one from our D-Dowd Productions division, going under the unofficial working title of “Rectified.” As of yet there is no official release date though we are aiming for around October 31st. Though the film with have a Halloween setting and atmosphere it will not be a horror film; rather, it will be a gothic drama revolving around a haunting and an unsolved mystery of the past. Expect to see Alyssa Patches, Ben Carpenter and Robyn Moore in the film, with Charlotte Ferris as the ghost.

Throughout all the fall months expect to see new singles from Beat’s Myth’s fifteenth album “True,” one more single from Charlotte Ferris’ debut album “Something Good in Store,” and three singles by “The Ampettes,” a new girl group at GK Music division containing Charlotte Ferris, Robyn Moore and Alyssa Patches. “Meet the Ampettes,” the group’s debut album, has already been recorded, and the three music videos from it you will see on YouTube feature the feel-good oldies sound from the 1960’s.

In November GK Music will gear up for its live AMP Variety Show acts and the release of a Christmas Album including all the performers at GK Music, entitled “Christmas Wishes.” As we close down our other music releases for the year, expect to see the greatest concert event ever at AMPCorp, entitled “Something Good in Store: The Ultimate GK Music Concert Movie” which will include live performances of this year’s songs and more from every performer at GK Music division. We plan to release this concert movie November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day, and production has already begun.

The AMP Variety Show season II has been in production throughout the summer. The show’s revised structure will include multiple comedy and music acts in each episode with fewer long segments such as the blast-to-the-past. Expect five episodes full of interviews, music, comedy and much more, starting November 25th.

“Do or Die,” the new Philip Krieg movie, will go into production in November. At this point, we are only in early phases of pre-production, but the basic idea for the film has been formulated. The storyline will be broken between two films, the second one being a direct sequel slated for next summer. Sarah Sensinger announced her departure from future Philip Krieg Pictures during the production of “Black Abyss” this summer. We have, however, filmed several clips with her that will keep her character, Miss Pennypacker, around for future films, including this one. The movie will be filmed from November through January, with an anticipated release date sometime near the end of that month. Expect many more details in our Winter Update as the January release date gets closer.

Rumors of a new series have been confirmed for the fall, and the big thing: it is our first non-Philip Krieg Picture at GK Productions Division of AMPCorp since 2005! The project: “Blackwater,” a crime drama starring myself and Philip Krieg, whose 5 episodes will begin release October 14th. Consistent with the overall style of GK Productions, “Blackwater” will focus on action and suspense. It is very much an experimental season, which, if successful, may continue into a second year. The goals of this project are for us to expand our craft by trying a new genre, to expand the horizons of GK Productions even beyond the Philip Krieg films which will still be our main focus, and to further solidify the unique styles and offerings of the separate productions divisions at AMP Corporation. Production began this summer, but expect to see a trailer soon as filming continues in September.

AMP Corporation has decided to adopt new logos for each division for 2013. AMPCorp executives are currently in the process of discussing concept designs that will be finalized by the end of the year. They will be announced in the new year along with some clips of the best of AMPCorp’s last 12 years of filmmaking. Though happy with most of the old logos, adopted for 2010, we would like to reflect changes coming to AMPCorp with a freshened look. These changes include a planned downsizing that will take place corporate wide next year. While we enjoyed all the hard work and time we put into our many projects this year, including over 90 minutes of short feature films, four series amounting to 30 episodes, and 5 studio albums with multiple music videos from each, we realize this pace is unsustainable. Therefore we have decided to cut and consolidate projects to a more comfortable rate so we can continue to complete and maintain the quality of our projects in future years. For our Winter Update video expect a list of projects that are going to be cut, continued or downsized in the new year.

Thank you for watching this summer! We hope you enjoy “Three Too Many,” “Blackwater,” “The AMP Variety Show” all our music acts for the fall, and everything else we have in store! Have a wonderful autumn!