AMP Corporation Update: Spring 2012

03/01/2012 12:27

AMP Corporation will be posting an update video on upcoming projects for Spring 2012. The video will be available on our YouTube channel, amppro5. Here is a transcript of the update video, minus the preview clips and some of the graphics and captions:

"Hi, I’m Martin Groff, and this is an AMP Corporation update for the Spring of 2012!

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for watching this winter. We had a very exciting season with the completion of "The AMP Variety Show" season I in December, the release of the new Philip Krieg film "Dead or Alive" in January, and the introduction of our first music video of the year in February. We also completed production of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" season III and are eagerly awaiting that show's release.

Episode one of the new series will be released on March 16th, with new releases every Friday through May 18th. We are extremely excited about TCFS, because we all agree it is the best season yet, making various improvements to sets, characters, storylines and much more. We hope you will all tune in and follow the show, as you will not want to miss a single episode. Here is a short preview of an upcoming episode.

(Preview from Episode 10)

During the releases of TCFS sIII, we will be working hard behind the scenes on the Three Too Many sitcom, which we plan to begin releasing in the summer. We plan to go into production in early March, and have already completed pre-production of the season's 10 episodes. Season II will include two new recurring characters. One is Emily Smith, whom you saw on the "What a Witch" series which was cancelled after its fifth season in 2010. The second is a new member of AMP Corporation, whose first project will be TTM sII.

Also this spring, be on the lookout for new music videos from old and new AMPCorp artists, as the GK Music divisions follows through with the huge expansion for 2012 it planned out last year. GK Music has established the new Rikkel Records sublable to compliment Beat's Myth Records. Rikkel Records will focus on solo artists as Beat's Myth Records manages Bands within GK Music. So far you have already seen the first music video from Robyn Moore's debut album, "The Mrs. Beethoven." Expect one more single from that album sometime this summer. Also, in March, look for the debut single from Charlotte Ferris, entitled "Something Good in Store." Throughout this year, look for more singles from Ferris, and two other artists that GK Music hopes to launch this year.

GK Music has also been working on pre-production for the new Beat's Myth album of 2012. Expect four singles by Beat's Myth this year, with one coming out before the end of the spring.

Now, here is a brief sampling of some of the music we've recorded so far in 2012. There's much more to come!

(Clips of "The Mrs. Beethoven" and "Something Good in Store")

Check out our website,, for all sorts of updates and extras on our upcoming projects. Also be sure to check out our new for 2012 Editorials section, which has articles written by the members of AMPCorp, discussing the behind the scenes work on various projects.

Pre-production for two more major projects this year has already begun. First of all, the AMP Variety Show has been confirmed for a second season. The show will probably have shorter episodes this year as compared to last year, but will be structured essentially the same. Stay tuned for more news on that.

The biggest project of the year, if everything goes according to plan, will definitely be "Black Abyss," the new Philip Krieg movie. The first rough draft of the script has already been written, and offers a very thrilling, in depth storyline, with so much that will make it the biggest AMPCorp film yet. As we have it planned now, there are 20 scenes, which take up 12 pages of script in comparison to 6 pages for GR and DOA. This plan would use 3 all new locations and several that were new last year, features another four wheeler chase, and takes the character Philip Krieg to settings such as Boston in the US, Sweden, France and Germany. Aside from all our regular stars, including Linda Baldassano as Miss Monet, the film would also star Charlotte Ferris and an entirely new actress to AMPCorp, as well as many extras who are new actors too. The script puts Matthew Sensinger in the role of the mastermind of the plot instead of Peter Groff, who will play more of a henchman character. Though we do not wish to give too many details about the storyline away, we can say that it starts with a simple diamond smuggling operation that ends up exposing a much larger plot that would greatly affect world peace. Though we are still many months away from production and nothing is confirmed yet, we are nevertheless very excited about BA and can't wait to develop the project further.

(List of LAF Awards Results)

("Thank You For Watching" Montage)

Thank you for watching this winter! We hope you enjoy the "The Charlotte Ferris Show,” our music acts for the year, and everything else we have in store! Have a nice spring!"