AMPCorp Fall Update

08/18/2013 16:44

It’s time for an AMP Corporation update for the Fall of 2013.

Thank you for watching and commenting this summer. Aside from some music videos, our main releases were “Three Too Many” season III and “First in Crime”. This summer we were able to finish production and post production on our fall projects, and get more than 50% done with “The Charlotte Ferris Show” Season V. One disappointment this summer was that, for the first time since 2008, we were unable to release our Philip Krieg movie as planned. However, production on the 20th installment to the franchise, “Shadows of the Past,” is now complete, and the film is awaiting a September 5th release to kick off autumn!

GK Productions has announced that “Shadows of the Past” will be the final Philip Krieg picture. There will be more details to come within a couple weeks of the release. For the time being, be sure to see the film and let us know what you think!

GK Productions will also release its “Blackwater” series this fall, Fridays starting mid-September, for four episodes. Be sure to tune in and see what Detective Blackwater finds out!

D-Dowd Productions will release its 10 “Comedic Commercials” every Monday and Friday starting mid-October. The new show will a litany of short satirical or tongue-and-cheek commercials, most of which are less than 2 minutes long. Don’t miss them—we’re sure some of them will make you laugh!

GK Music will release five more music videos this year. There will be two more from its flagship act Beat’s Myth, whose 16th album “Run out of Time” was finished this month. The singles will be “Try Not to Break My Heart,” set for a September release, and “Blindsided,” planned for November. Charlotte Ferris, who finished her self-titled album in July, will release two more singles this year: the original “Give Me” in October and a cover of Beat’s Myth’s “Unlimited,” a duet with Martin Groff, in December. Finally, the Ampettes will release the last single from their album “Something Special” in September, a song entitled “Arguing.”

AMP Productions will release five episodes for the final season of “The AMP Variety Show” every Sunday in December. The show has been cancelled due to lack of interest, but this year’s simplified layout still includes lots of fun comedy, interesting interviews and new music segments, with even more in store for every episode. Be sure to tune in to the farewell season! “The AMP Variety Show” will be replaced by two new series in 2013. Details on that and other planned projects to come this winter.

Martin Groff, AMPCorp executive, and Robyn Moore, actress and producer of “Three Too Many,” will be out of the country starting in the middle of August, until early December. Thus all fall releases have already been completed and uploaded to AMPCorp’s YouTube channel, amppro5, and are simply waiting to be turned from “private” to “public.”  Due to circumstances, throughout the fall it might be more difficult to contact or get updates from us.

Thank you for watching this summer! We hope you enjoy “Shadows of the Past,” “Blackwater,” “Comedic Commercials,” “The AMP Variety Show” our new music videos, and everything else we have in store! Have a great autumn!