AMP Corporation Update: Summer 2012

06/10/2012 18:54

AMP Corporation has posted an update video on upcoming projects for Summer 2012. The video is available on our YouTube channel, amppro5. Here is a transcript of the update video, minus the preview clips and some of the graphics and captions:

Hi, I’m Martin Groff, and this is an AMP Corporation update for the Summer of 2012, including updates on “The Charlotte Ferris Show,” “Three Too Many,” “Philip Krieg” and summer music projects!

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for watching this spring. Aside from some new music videos, our big release of “The Charlotte Ferris Show” season III was overall very successful. Thank you to everyone who watched and who commented on the show. If you didn’t catch this season, we have some links to our favorite episodes posted in the video description. If you did watch the show but didn’t comment, please comment or send us a message to let us know what you thought of this season! D-Dowd Productions has confirmed that production of season IV will start this summer, so any of your feedback would be very helpful to us in pre-production. Next season’s ten episodes will continue Charlotte’s story where it left off, with all previous main characters confirmed to return, as well as the addition of one new recurring character and some cameos. More info will come in our Fall Update, after production has been started.

There will be more big releases at D-Dowd Productions this summer as the debut of “Three Too Many” season II, totally revamped, starts August 3rd. We think the addition of new recurring characters to the series makes drastic improvements over season I. Thanks to the feedback from some of our viewers, we found ways to improve our project for season II by adding more actors and settings. Season II will have ten five minute episodes with everything from funny surprises to romance! The new season introduces Alyssa Patches as Crystal, a whimsical and slapstick character who appears in nine episodes. Appearing in four episodes is veteran AMPCorp actress Emily Smith, of the band Beat’s Myth and the former “What a Witch” series. Her character, Ms. Yost, plays Mark’s mean principal and adds a new dynamic to the show. Be sure to tune in for this totally revamped season! Here is a preview of an upcoming episode.


Of course, the biggest release for this summer will be our feature length film, “Black Abyss,” the newest addition to the Philip Krieg franchise. By now, pre-production is complete, and there have been a few significant changes to the original plan. Although we had to cut our four-wheeler chase, we’ve replaced it in the script with a car chase that we think will be even better. We also had to cut a dance-club segment but don’t expect that loss to seriously affect the film. At about an hour long, we still anticipate it to be by far the biggest and best Philip Krieg film yet, in terms of storyline, dynamics, refinement and enjoyment. Along with some of these cuts came some even more important confirmations. In addition to our recurring cast, Philip Krieg as Agent 07, Sarah Sensinger as Miss Pennypacker, myself as 17, Linda Baldassano as Miss Monet and Tom Smith as 42, we will be introducing a new actress to AMPCorp, Sara Eliason, to play Miss Torri, an ally to Philip Krieg. On the side of the enemies, Peter Groff, Matt Sensinger and Charlotte Ferris will take up the starring roles. One major production time, July 8th and 9th, is scheduled. The second major date is tentatively planned for mid June, in time for a July 20th release. Production has begun on a few scenes, including this one which we are going to preview now.


The AMP Variety Show goes into production this summer. We’ve decided to include multiple comedy and music acts in each episode and cut some of the longer blast-to-the-past segments in favor of a single special segment. We still plan to have interviews in each episode, and expect the season will include five episodes.

AMP Productions is also tentatively planning a short action film for this summer starring Brian Smith. Though this project has not been fully confirmed, look out for more updates as the summer progresses.

Finally, our last big project we have planned for the summer is in GK Music. You’ve already seen Robyn Moore and Charlotte Ferris’ debut singles, and the debut from Beat’s Myth’s latest album. Expect one more single from Robyn Moore’s album “The Mrs. Beethoven” this summer, and two more singles by Charlotte Ferris in summer and fall. Beat’s Myth will release three more singles in that timeframe as well. GK Music hopes to launch one more music group this summer as well, before its big plans for the Christmas season kick in for December.

Thank you for watching this spring! We hope you enjoy “Black Abyss,” “Three Too Many,” our music acts for the year, and everything else we have in store! Have a wonderful summer!