AMPCorp's Planned 2014 Downsizing Takes Effect

01/02/2014 21:01

2013 was AMPCorp's second biggest year in history, sandwiched between 2012 in first and 2011 in third. After three huge years, AMPCorp will be downsizing its number of projects for 2014 to more sustainable numbers. GK Productions will release one film, a replacement to the Philip Krieg franchise, instead of two. A third season of "Blackwater" is possible. D-Dowd Productions has cancelled its "Three Too Many" series after three seasons, but "The Charlotte Ferris Show" and a reworked "Comedic Commercials" will continue. AMP Productions has cancelled "The AMP Variety Show" and a replacement is uncertain; one film, the third in the Robert First franchise, will be released this year. GK Music will lessen its lineup by one album, with The Ampettes disbanded.

"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season V, and probably "Recommendation: Termination," will be the biggest releases of the year. Both projects are already well into production and will be released early in the year. "The Charlotte Ferris Show" will begin releases in the early spring, with "Recommendation: Termination," GK Production's replacement film for the Philip Krieg franchise, coming in the late spring or early summer.

Stay tuned for trailers from these two projects in the next few days, and more updates in the coming months.