Autumn Updates

11/07/2017 15:55

✧D-Dowd Productions

Production of "A Haunting" is complete. This film, which combines Christmas and Halloween aesthetics, will be released on December 1st, 2017. The film follows a disturbed man who believes he is seeing his dead wife, and his psychiatrist, who insists that it is only a dream. But do you even know the people you trust? Dark secrets lurk in the autumn woods and the winter night, in this, D-Dowd Production's most frightening project ever.


|||GK Productions
In September, GK Productions released "Slides," it's big short film for the year. The re-edit of the Agent 07 films "A Sense of Death," "Fatal Error," "A Taste for Revenge," "Evil Never Dies," and "Meeting With Destiny" is in progress. Like "Against All Odds" and "Wages of Sin," these films will be reimagined into one cohesive whole, called "Tangents and Parallels."


///AMP Productions 

AMP Productions is currently releasing "A Cat's Life" Season IV. New episodes of this relaxing aesthetic series come out every Friday through November.


❍GK Music

Beat's Myth has completed it's final album "Mirror," and released its final single, "Fade." This final single turned out especially well, and is a fitting end to the band's work together. Each of the band members will likely continue to contribute to GK Music and other AMPCorp projects, either with solo recordings or by contributing to GK Music's new radio dramas, like "Westerly," which released its first season in October.