"Black Abyss" Has Premiered!

07/21/2012 23:02

"Black Abyss," the biggest Philip Krieg film yet, has premiered on YouTube!

"'Black Abyss' was a great accomplishment for us," says Martin Groff, a producer of the film. "Aside from a few small mistakes here and there, we were overall very happy with the finished product and proud of our accomplishment." So far the film has received positive reviews on YouTube.

"It was so nice to have a few quality scenes with everybody," says Philip Krieg, the star of the film, when asked about what it was like to work with the other actors in the movie. "I was honored to take part in it." "Black Abyss" was the first film ever where Philip Krieg and Charlotte Ferris, two of the biggest stars at AMPCorp, worked on the set together at the same time. In the past, even on projects where they both starred, such as "James Crabb" and "The AMP Variety Show," Krieg and Ferris worked on the set at different times in separate production teams. This time, however, it was different.

Ferris and Krieg, two experienced AMPCorp actors, worked well together on the set, and it was a very positive experience. "Getting to work with a lot of differnt people [was] also very fun," says Ferris. "Overall a very fun experience!"

In the same spirit Ferris starred in a film of GK Production's flagship franchise, Krieg will guest star in an episode of D-Dowd Production's flagship series "The Charlotte Ferris Show" next spring.

Also on the set of "Black Abyss" was Sara Eliason, a new actress to AMPCorp, who starred as Miss Torri, a partner and romantic interest to Agent 07. Eliason got the hang of things on the set very quickly and was a great asset to the production. "I liked working on the film because it was a lot of fun," says Eliason. "There were a lot of laughs!"

No stranger to the set was Sarah Sensinger, starring as Miss Pennypacker in her eighth Philip Krieg film. Sensinger's character Miss Pennypacker has had an increasing presence in Philip Krieg Pictures, but in May, Sensinger announced that after this film she would no longer have as major a role in productions. To continue the presence of this character, several scenes were filmed with Sensinger for inclusion in future movies. This is in order to maintain the comic releif the character provides, which has become an important element to the Philip Krieg films. Sensinger agrees, saying "I think it's important to have comic relief in films, not only to add levity to the production, but also to add entertainment and overall enjoyment."

Along with Charlotte Ferris, Peter Groff and Matthew Sensinger took up the lead antagonist roles. "My favorite aspect was trying to match wits with Philip Krieg," says Sensinger. "I've seen other villains do it in other films... Peter Groff did a great job with it in many of the previous films." This is Sensinger's fifth Philip Krieg film and his largest role so far.

Peter Groff has played the main mastermind behind every Philip Krieg film plot until "Black Abyss," where he played a more henchmen type of character. "I'm kind of glad [production] is over, because it was a lot of work, but it was definately a lot of fun," Groff says.

Linda Baldassno, playing Miss Monet in her third major role in a Philip Krieg film, and Tom Smith in his second Philip Krieg film as Forty-Two both made appearances in "Black Abyss." Forty-Two's character expanded greatly in this film. "I tried to give him this lazy, laid back look," says Smith. "I am glad that we got a little more of his back-story."

GK Productions is pleased to present this, its largest production ever, and also the largest production in AMP Corporation history. We at GK Productions, and at AMPCorp as a whole, hope to be able to make many more projects in the future, even if they aren't nearly this large. Our main goal is to be productive and enjoy our time together, which we did very much for this film, and we hope you find the finished product entertaining as well!