"Blackwater" to Return for a Third Season

12/07/2014 10:35

"Blackwater," the crime-drama short series from GK Productions, will return for a brief third season Mondays in December. Season III will consist of only 3 episodes, which have been in production since summer and completed production yesterday, as Blackwater discoveres there is more to the smuggling ring he dealt with in seasons I and II than he first thought. Martin Groff will return as Blackwater, with Charlotte Ferris having an expanded recurring role as Officer Higgins. Ben Carpenter has been cast as Commissioner Fords, who replaces the corrupt Commissioner Waters as head of Blackwater's precinct. Philip Krieg, who played Waters in seasons I and II as a main character, was unavailible for filming this season. Peter Groff will instead play Waters in these episodes as a supporting cast member. Robyn Moore's supporting character Vicks will not return this season. GK Productions has been focusing on the Agent 07 re-edit "Against All Odds" due out in January, and "Blackwater" has been a decidedly secondary project. Season III reportedly has a semi-conclusive ending, so although this is expected to be the final season of the show in which GK Productions has been losing interest, there would be a possibility for a fourth season if circumstances would call for it.