Brief Autumn Updates

09/30/2016 22:51

Here is an update from each division on upcoming and recent projects.


✧D-Dowd Productions

A new series of shorts, called "Comedy Moments," was released throughout September. These brief weekly videos incorportated the best elements of "Comedic Commercials" (2013) and "In the News" (2014) and added some fresh ideas as well to create comedy videos of various styles.

Production of "Charlotte Ferris Today" is on hold until January when the rest of the season is scheduled to be completed. Expect the new season to be released in the spring, replacing its forerunner "The Charlotte Ferris Show" in the lineup.


|||GK Productions

"Wages of Sin," the re-edited version of the SIN Agency Agent 07 story arc, will be released in November. Post-production is about 25% complete, and one totally new scene will be filmed this month, featuring Martin Groff as Seventeen and Ben Carpenter as Thirteen.

AMPCorp's biggest short film for the year, "Means to an End," will be released near the end of December, finishing off the year with a bang. This is largely because production has been held up by cast availability for the final scene, which is set to feature Philip Krieg. Most post-production has been completed on the filmed scenes. Otto Nilsson will compose the soundtrack.


///AMP Productions 

"A Cat's Life" is in post-production and will release episodes Fridays through October.

At the end of the month, be on the lookout for "Autumn Watching," a new experimental film from Vanguard Pictures, which produced "Summer Watching" in 2015.


❍GK Music

Beat's Myth will release two more music videos this year. The second single from the album "Inverted," a song called "Moonlight," will be released in October, and the final single and title song from the album will appear in December.