Busy Month in May

06/08/2015 10:22

May was an extremely busy month at AMPCorp, with the release of the season finale of “The Charlotte Ferris Show” and weeks of extensive traveling and filming at world locations.

The main project of focus was GK Production’s new short film, “In the Balance.” Produced by the makers of the Philip Krieg movies under the name Eclipse Pictures, “In the Balance” is similar in style to Eclipse Pictures’ 2014 release “Recommendation: Termination.” The overall project is expected to be shorter than last year’s film, but will include more action and just as much suspense. The plot of “In the Balance” follows a European Police agent and bodyguard who are searching for Miss Anderson, the kidnapped leader of a world hunger charity who is being held for ransom. This mission takes them from Rome to Brussels to Switzerland to Luxembourg, making use of diverse and beautiful on-location shooting. European production, involving Martin and Peter Groff, has now concluded, but some scenes at the AMPCorp studios featuring Philip Krieg and Charlotte Ferris (among others) still need to be filmed. This will be done over the summer and fall months, for a December 2015 release.

“A Friend Like You,” the season VI finale of “The Charlotte Ferris Show,” was released on May 8th, and production on the seventh and final season of the show began in April. Through May, due to European travels, studio production of the show was put on hold, but is expected to continue in June. With tentative filming dates in November through January as well, the season is expected to be completed by Spring 2016.

Despite the hold on its flagship project for the month of May, D-Dowd Productions was not completely inactive. Filming for two other short art-films commenced in Europe as well in May, featuring the cities Berlin and Amsterdam in addition to the locations used for “In the Balance.” One of these two art-films will be in the style of last year’s “People on the Street,” and will be released through D-Dowd Production’s Airbrush Pictures. The other project will be still more abstract, and will be released though a new subdivision at AMP Productions.

AMP Productions will begin work on a second season of “Around the World in Three Minutes,” a short travel series first released on YouTube last spring. Footage shot in Europe will be used for this, with narration by Martin Groff and Robyn Moore. AMP Productions will also be producing another season of “A Cat’s Life,” which was released last fall. Finally, be on the lookout for “The AMPCorp 25th Anniversary Special,” which has been in post-production for months, but should finally be released sometime in June.

GK Productions was largely inactive in May, as studio recording was unavailable. Beat’s Myth’s album “Mists” will be completed over the summer months, with at least two more music videos before the end of the year. Also be on the lookout for new piano music by Robyn Moore.

2015 will certainly be a busy year at AMPCorp, with international locations, a variety of genres, and a full line of projects. Stay tuned for more updates a more of these releases near completion.