Charlotte and John "On the Outs?" What will be the Fate of "The Charlotte Ferris Show?"

05/12/2012 19:13

D-Dowd Productions just released its season finale trailer for "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season III, but rather than the typical announcement of the final episode of the year, the trailer casts doubt on whether the series will continue. This is not because of any falling out between the show's producers Martin Groff and Charlotte Ferris; rather, the trailer reveals that the characters Charlotte and John have had a fight, and don't know whether they will be able to reconcile.

If the relationship of the star and co-star of the show falls apart, the show will undoubtedly be unable to continue as it has been. It would either have to be reorganized to have a new co-star, (which could lead to a spin-off series for the former co-star Martin Groff who played John) or the show would be cancelled.

There is evidence that this is a possible scenario... for instance, Caroline, played by Robyn Moore was introduced this season as a new best friend for Charlotte, which could suggest a phasing-out of John. Martin Groff has reportedly also discussed interest in a new scenario for a new sitcom... could this be the groundwork for John's spinoff? However, the third option, cancellation of the series, seems just as likely... GK Productions has reportedly been working on a deal to have Charlotte Ferris appear in a Philip Krieg film... could the actress be moving on to new projects? Also, viewer interaction (mainly comments) has been down this season as compared to seasons I and II. Could D-Dowd Productions be searching for something new to excite viewers more?

But there is also a 50% chance that characters will reconcile, which leaves other options for the show. Although comments have been down, views have been up as compared to last year, and the show has continued to recieve positive reviews. The producers might not want to play with a working formula that has made TCFS the most successful D-Dowd Production in years, second at AMPCorp only to the Philip Krieg franchise. Perhaps it will therefore continue unchanged into a fourth season, or maybe go through a slight restructuring before it enters Season IV. After all, sometimes fights between friends end up as great growing experiences that change their relationship after the fight is over... could this be happening between Charlotte and John? There is also a chance that, instead of a fourth season, "The Charlotte Ferris Show" will be made into a feature film next year. This type of season finale would be an intersting segway into a more complex plot for a movie.

The fate of the show will only be known by the end of the week, when the actual episode, entitled "On the Outs" airs. D-Dowd Productions plans to release a statement through the AMPCorp website after the premier of the season finale, confirming either that it is indeed the series finale, or confirming that the show will continue in some form. Make sure to check here on Friday the 18th for the announcement, and watch the episode to see what happens!