"Charlotte Ferris Today" Ends Main Production

01/12/2017 11:39

As of January 3rd, principal photography has nearly ended for "Charlotte Ferris Today" Season I, with only a few more shots waiting to be filmed with guest stars in the coming weeks and months. The season will contain 10 episodes, all starring Charlotte Ferris as Charlotte and Martin Groff as John, with some episodes featuring guest appearances by old Waldburg friends such as Caroline, Will, Mr. Simon and Antonio.

This new spinoff to "The Charlotte Ferris Show," which ended last year with its seventh season, takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina, after Charlotte takes her job as professor of photography there, and John manages to follow along. The two characters still live in the same building, this time on separate floors, and like the show preceding it, follows the misadventures they get into together. In many ways the show goes back to the style of earlier seasons of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" when there were fewer recurring characters, and focuses on its two main stars. However, although the characters are the same, the situations and settings have changed, giving the show an opportunity for fresh new laughs along with the feel-good mood of the original show.

The new show is coming every Friday this spring. Be on the lookout for a trailer coming soon, and check out new promo pictures on this site as well!