"Charlotte Ferris Today" Episode Order Released

03/06/2018 14:30

"Charlotte Ferris Today" Season II will premier on March 9th, with new episodes coming every Friday into May. Like last year, the new season will feature ten episodes, with new laughs, developments, and surprises!

Trailers for the new season have hinted at a romantic relationship developing between Charlotte and John, who have been friends since the early seasons of "The Charlotte Ferris Show," from which this sitcom is a spinoff. Will things work out between them? Will they go back to Waldburg, as some other trailer clips have shown?

Season II of "Charlotte Ferris Today" features a new credit sequence and other refinements, while keeping the heartwarming comedy CF Pictures has become known for. D-Dowd Productions has released the episode list, which will be released in the order below. You won't want to miss a single episode!

1. More than Freinds (Part 1)

2. More than Friends (Part 2)

3. Partyers Anonymous

4. For Hire

5. Sometimes You Can't Go Home

6. Imperfect Memories

7. Charlotte: World Traveler

8. Long Weekend

9. The Art of Being an Upstairs Neighbor

10. Charlotte in Love