"Charlotte Ferris Today" is Complete! Updates and Episodes List

02/27/2019 15:08

In January, the third and final season of Charlotte Ferris Today was completed. Principal production had taken place over the summer, but a few scenes with guest stars needed to be filmed to complete the season and the series for 2019. The first episode will premier March 1st, with new episodes every Friday until the series finale on May 3rd. After ten seasons of playing Charlotte and John, CF Pictures producers Charlotte Ferris and Martin Groff have recognized that continuing the show with regularity and quality has become too logistically difficult, so they decided to end it on a high note.

CF Pictures, a group of producers from D-Dowd Productions, created the characters Charlotte and John when AMPCorp's first sitcom, The Charlotte Ferris Show premiered in 2010. After seven seasons of The Charlotte Ferris Show, the producers decided that changing actor and set availability necessitated a refresh of the show in 2016, resulting in the spinoff of Charlotte Ferris Today. After three seasons of its own, Charlotte Ferris Today will end almost nine years to the day that its predecessor first premiered. Between the two series, CF Pictures has produced 10 seasons and 100 episodes.

As usual, season III will offer the same feel-good comedy that has made Charlotte and her bumbling neighbor John beloved over the years, as well as guest appearances from old friends Will, Antonio, Mr. Simon, and expanded appearances from Caroline. The two-part season finale, episodes 99 and 100 of CF Pictures, will both take a look back at the past nine years of laughter, and chart a new course for the characters as their lives presumably continue away from the camera. Producers Groff and Ferris have expressed a hope to return to the characters some day, perhaps as a short film or new spinoff, and so the finale leaves open several exciting possabilities for continuation.

Below is a list of episode titles for season III, as well as a tally of character appearances over the last 10 seasons of CF Pictures for interested fans.



1. "Locked Out"

2. "Where in the World is Charlotte Ferris?" (featuring Robyn Moore as Caroline and guest starring Ben Carpenter as Nick)

3. "Phone Tag" (guest starring Tom Smith as Will)

4. "Charlotte for Mayor Again?"

5. "Help Wanted" (featuring Robyn Moore as Caroline)

6. "Real Estate Magnate" (guest starring Peter Groff as Mr. Simon)

7. "John's Talent Show" (featuring Robyn Moore as Caroline and guest starring Tom Smith as Will)

8. "Dirty Politics" (guest starring Luke Richert as Antonio)

9. "A Story to Remember" Part 1

10. "A Story to Remember" Part 2



*Seasons 8, 9, and 10 refer to seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the spinoff Charlotte Ferris Today respectively, while seasons 1-7 refer to the original sitcom The Charlotte Ferris Show. "Regular" refers to character appearances in more than half of the season's episodes, "Recurring" to at least 3 appearances in a season, and "Guest" to 2 or fewer appearances

Charlotte (Charlotte Ferris) : 100 episodes; Regular seasons 1-10

John (Martin Groff) : 100 episodes; Regular seasons 1-10

Caroline (Robyn Moore) : 41 episodes; Regular seasons 3-7; Recurring season 10; Guest seasons 8-9

Mr. Simon (Peter Groff) : 35 episodes; Regular season 3; Recurring seasons 1-2, 4-7; Guest seasons 8-10

Will (Tom Smith) : 28 episodes; Regular season 4; Recurring seasons 2-3, 5-7; Guest seasons 8-10

Nick (Ben Carpenter) : 16 episodes; Regular season 7; Recurring seasons 5-6; Guest seasons 8 & 9

Matt (George Ambrose season 4, Nathan Carter seasons 5-7, 9) : 15 episodes; Recurring seasons 4-7, Guest season 9

Trisha (Emily Smith) : 8 episodes; Recurring seasons 6-7; Guest season 9

Antonio (Luke Richert) : 6 episodes; Recurring season 7; Guest seasons 8-10