D-Dowd Productions Announces the Final Season of "Charlotte Ferris Today"

07/23/2018 18:19

The release of the third season of Charlotte Ferris Today will complete ten years of CF Pictures, the group within D-Dowd Productions which produced AMPCorp’s first sitcom, The Charlotte Ferris Show, in 2010. Combining Charlotte Ferris Today with its predecessor The Charlotte Ferris Show, CF Pictures will have produced 10 seasons and 100 episodes, an accomplishment of which they are very proud.

With that said, the producers at CF Pictures recognize that it will become increasingly difficult to continue creating the quantity and quality of episodes they have maintained over the past nine seasons, and therefore have announced that season three of Charlotte Ferris Today will be the show’s final season, and CF Picture’s final regular sitcom for the time being.

Season III of the sitcom went into production on July 9th, with most major scenes for the show's final ten episodes completed. Actors Charlotte Ferris and Martin Groff filmed all their scenes together on-set, including the 99th and 100th episodes, which will be a two-part special. Scenes with guest stars are still to be completed, and will be done over the next few months and early into next year. The show will be released as usual in the spring.

D-Dowd Productions has little set in stone for the future of the franchise, although producers Martin Groff and Charlotte Ferris have discussed the possibility of future specials or short films featuring the characters brought to life over the last ten seasons.

Charlotte Ferris Today was as central project to AMPCorp over the last few years, and D-Dowd Productions is sorry to say goodbye to the characters it has developed in that time. However, we are excited to confirm that production of the season’s ten episodes is nearly complete, and we look forward to releasing another great season as the show says goodbye!