D-Dowd Productions Announces the Final Season of "The Charlotte Ferris Show"

04/25/2015 17:18

D-Dowd Productions has announced that Season VII, already in production and due to be released Spring 2016, will be the final season of "The Charlotte Ferris Show."

"TCFS" has become AMPCorp's flagship project in recent years, since the Philip Krieg franchise ended in 2013, and it has been the main project at D-Dowd Productions since its first season in 2010. The sitcom, which releases five minute episodes every Friday, is currently in its sixth season, and has already started filming next year's material. 

The decision to end the show comes mostly due to changing situations in the cast and crew, and at AMPCorp as a whole. "We foresee essentially the same situation that ended the 'Philip Krieg' franchise in our immediate future," says Martin Groff, creater and a producer of the series. "People's priorities are changing as life naturally progresses, and by the beginning of this fall, we'll all be moved away to various parts of the country. We want to end the show on a high note, so we've decided to plan the finale well in advance of this problem."

"It's definitely weird bringing the series to an end," says Charlotte Ferris, the show's other producer. "This show was so much fun to do, and it was a great way for all the busy cast members to keep in touch. But I'm hopeful for the future, and I know our filming days aren't over!"

Nonetheless, Groff and Ferris are already discussing a possible spin-off series which would be simpler to film and would better fit into AMPCorp's downsized format, which has increasingly been going into effect since the groups peak in 2012. And of course, season VII promises to be the best one yet, certainly ending the show on the high note it's been seeking. "I think that what the last season brings to the Charlotte Ferris show is a wrap-up that does not shy away from the sadness of the event, but also highlights the hopeful future. This last season features a lot of tragedy and sadness, but has it all filtered into a bright beginning. I don't think the show could have had a better ending."