D-Dowd Productions Confirms "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season IV

05/18/2012 00:31

D-Dowd Productions has officially confirmed that “The Charlotte Ferris Show” will be returning next year for a fourth season. Plans currently include ten five-minute episodes with two extra-length specials, structured much like Season III. However, there will be some minor changes to certain elements of the show, including to settings and character structure. Season IV will feature more of Charlotte’s photography studio and include a friendlier relationship between Charlotte and John, both changes consistent with plot developments this year.

Lead actress and producer Charlotte Ferris commented on the renewal of the show for next year: “Season 3 of the show was immensely fun to film, and I can only imagine that it will continue to improve. Season 4 will be spectacular!”

As far as casting goes, Charlotte Ferris, the star of the show, will of course be returning as Charlotte. Her co-star, Martin Groff as John, will be returning as well. Robyn Moore as Caroline and Peter Groff as Mr. Simon also will retake their roles, though Moore will have an expanded role in the show while Groff will have a diminished role. D-Dowd Productions is also hoping to include Tom Smith as Will in Season IV, and is considering adding a new recurring character to the show. Multiple cameos are expected to be included this season, and the premier will hopefully include actor Philip Krieg as a guest star.

How secure is the more distant future of the show? “At this point I expect the show will continue through a fifth full season and at least a short sixth season,” says Martin Groff, the second producer of the show and executive of AMP Corporation. “That puts us out to 2015. After that, the future seems a little murky, but it’s possible it could go on longer if we are still interested and able to coordinate filming.”

The secure immediate future contradicts rumors that the show would be cancelled which D-Dowd Productions intentionally started. An ad for the season finale cast doubt over the show’s return. “We wanted to sort of experiment with this type of marketing,” says Groff, who organized the promotion of this season. “We wanted to create a buzz around the season finale of the show so it would get as much attention as possible. It was a fun, new way to market the series. But this won’t be something we do very often... we don’t want to cry wolf too much, otherwise no one will believe us when the end of a series actually comes about! We were actually a little disappointed with the small response we had to this promotion campaign anyway.”

Other possibilities for where the show could go had been discussed. “A spinoff of John into his own show is out of the question,” Groff says. “That would take too much away from the current show, and we don’t have enough resources to maintain a new series and still make it any good. And of course, we started plans to continue the show months ago, so cancellation was also not an option. But one thing I would still like to do within the next couple years is turn the show into a feature length film, not to replace a season, but maybe to supplement it. I already have some ideas, so I guess we’ll see where that takes us into the future.

Production on Season IV will begin this summer, concurrently with that of the new Philip Krieg film. The film will star Charlotte Ferris, so the hope is that parts of the season premier starring Philip Krieg will also be filmed at that time.  Production will close in January for an intended February or March release. Stay tune to news updates on this website and to AMPCorp YouTube updates for details as they develop.