"Developments in 'Three Too Many' Season II" by Ben Carpenter

05/01/2012 12:37

Our editorial for the month of May 2012 is by Ben Carpenter, who discusses production and developments behind “Three Too Many” season II, which will be released this summer.

It was a lot of fun filming “Three Too Many” season II this March and April. Production was much more carefree and I felt a lot more at ease. My favorite new addition to the show is the character Crystal, whom I think is a perfect fit; she brings a lot more comedy to the show. There’s a lot more going on this season, I think, and that makes it more entertaining.
I like the intros to the show, one of which is when Rebecca is saying goodnight to me and I keep talking. She gets really annoyed and eventually just leaves, and I go to my apartment and Chrystal pops out, which is very typical of her character. Of course I invite her to play video games because my character is like that.

When watching the episodes, some things I really liked were the new intro scenes before the credits, the snappy cutaway editing style, and the new characters. I like the addition of the romantic element between two of the main characters... that’s a good development.

This season I feel is a lot improved over the first season, as we tried to enhance some of the low points of season I. For all the effort we put into it, I think it turned out really well, and I look forward to seeing it released so that others can enjoy our work.

-Ben Carpenter, Producer in Carpemoore Pictures