"Do or Die" to be Released on Friday the 1st

01/30/2013 12:14

Anticipation is building as GK Productions plans to release “Do or Die,” the 19th Philip Krieg movie, on Friday.

The February 1st release date is slightly later than the usual winter Philip Krieg movie release. The past three winter films, “Dead or Alive,” “Meeting with Destiny” and “A Taste for Revenge,” all premiered on January 15th in 2012, 2011 and 2010 respectively. “The Man Behind the Mask,” the first Philip Krieg movie to premier on YouTube, was released January 10th in 2009. “The reason we’re pushing back the release date a little bit is because we filmed it a little differently this year,” explained producer Martin Groff. “Through 2010, we completed production for the entire Philip Krieg film in one day, on January 1st. Normally we would also have a November film preceding it, all filmed around November 27th, but in 2011 for ‘Meeting with Destiny,’ we decided to merge those two dates, so only half of the movie was filmed on New Year’s Day. This same process worked for ‘Dead or Alive,’ but our November film date fell through this year for ‘Do or Die,’ so we had to plan one for after New Year’s Day as well. There were some concerns that we might not be able to finish by the 15th in case a production date fell through, so I decided to release it at the beginning of February instead. This worked out nicely because we were able to do a little promotion for the film together with ‘The Charlotte Ferris Show,’ in an attempt to get those projects’ respective audiences more interested in our other films.”

The release date is not the only thing different for this newest installation to the 8-year-old franchise. “I think it’s a bit more suspenseful, and a bit more drama, and I think the acting should be a bit better,” star Philip Krieg described. “I’m excited to see actually the opening credits. I hear they’re going to be different, and I’m excited for that... In this film, we’ve really looked more into the spying aspect of all the characters in the MI7, and I’m excited to see that on screen.”

After an increasing shift towards a more lighthearted style and larger scale plots, “Do or Die” takes a strong step back to older style, particularly pre-2009 Philip Krieg movies, with a darker and more sinister mood. Though there will still be humor, it is significantly toned down, partially due to the absence of the character Miss Pennypacker. The secretary only appears in one short scene that was pre-filmed after Sarah Sensinger’s announcement that she would be “retiring” from future films. The change in character is explained in the film and actually becomes the catalyst for the plot.

“Do or Die” also has more female actors than past Philip Krieg films, all with increased roles. Sara Eliason, who played Miss Torri in the previous film "Black Abyss" plays a new character in this one: Hope S. Cape. “I guess she must like Philip a lot, or she wouldn’t decide to run off with him. I guess she felt obligated to be with Pete’s character, but when she found an escape out with Phil, that was a good thing for her,” Eliason explains of her character.

Robyn Moore, who stars in the “Three Too Many” sitcom, played a quite different role than she is used to for “Do or Die” as the shady Lessis Moore. “I have to behave in a different manner and act much more serious, whereas in ‘Three Too Many’ and ‘The Charlotte Ferris Show’ I get to be more comedic and lively. She’s a very interesting complex character, but I think to fill it out more, I need to learn to act more sinister.”

Alyssa Patches, who was new to AMPCorp in 2012 most notably as Crystal in “Three Too Many,” also has a starring role in the new film as Kathleen Omni. Patches’ scenes involve a simple night-time car chase. “I liked getting to go to different locations,” she describes, “and getting to drive around and do all that kind of stuff with the cars.”

Other cast members include Ben Carpenter who is returning as Thirteen, Tom Smith who reprises his role as Forty-Two, and several other smaller appearances.

Peter Groff stars as the villain, Jake Waldman, who is the owner of a green energy firm that is competing with his own brother's gas pipeline. Groff previewed the final film and was happy with the results. “I thought it was really well done. Maybe there could have been a bit more action, but other than that it was excellent, and probably one of the best movies.”

At about 30 minutes long, “Do or Die” is definitely something to check out this Friday. The producers of the Philip Krieg franchise are eager to work on the follow-up movie, which will go more in depth with these characters and deeper inside the mind of Agent 07 than ever before. Be sure to wait until the end of the credits to see what the title of that new film will be!