Early 2020 Updates from Around AMPCorp

01/11/2020 12:08

|||GK Productions

The new Agent 07 movie, currently with the working title PK22, is in pre-production. A rough script has been written, but the producers discussed some changes last month which will be completed before the project goes into major production later this year. A few preliminary scenes have been filmed, but the cast and crew hopes to complete the bulk of the project in March and May, if all goes according to plan. Post-production has also begun on the fourth Agent 07 re-edit, Agent Framed, which GK Productions intends to release by the end of the year. This project combines Gone Rogue (2011) and Dead or Alive (2012) into one cohesive film.

✧ D-Dowd Productions 

How Does That Make You Feel?, an all new sitcom, will replace Charlotte Ferris Today as D-Dowd Productions' flagship series. The latter series ended last year. How Does That Make You Feel? follows the funny mishaps of newlyweds Chris and Carol in the form of flashbacks they recount to their marriage counsellor. Expect trailers soon; the series will be released starting in March. D-Dowd Productions also plans to release new Comedy Moments this summer as that series moves into its fifth season. A short psychological thriller, Shadow in the Dark, was completed in early January; it went into production in November 2019 and will be released this October for the Halloween season. Finally, D-Dowd Productions is working on a satirical super hero comedy, Superfast, which may see limited release on YouTube someime this year.

///AMP Productions 

AMP Productions is excited to release the first project of the year at AMPCorp, Out of Focus, which was largely filmed last summer, but completed at the beginning of this month. This experimental short film uses AMPCorp's first video camera, an RCA VHS camcorder, in conjunction with its newest HD cameras, to create an intentionally unsettling effect. The film will be released on January 24th and will kick off AMPCorp's "Heritage 2020" twentieth anniversary celebration. Expect to see the Heritage 2020 Anniversary Special later this year, with interviews from all currently active AMPCorp members. AMP Productions will also release new seasons of A Cat's Life and Around the World: In Three Minutes this year.

❍GK Music

Beat's Myth will reunite for one special song in 2020! "Far Away" brings the band members back together to commemorate not only 20 years of AMPCorp, but also 15 years since the start of the Beat's Myth. The track and music video have already been recorded; expect the release sometime in the next few months. GK Music will release music by a new act called Mythos, including contributions from former members of Beat's Myth. An audio drama sequel to Star To Star is also in the works for 2020.