End of the Year with GK Productions

12/22/2016 19:23

Aside from GK Music's final Beat's Myth music video, which was released earlier this month along with AMP Production's small project "Autumn Watching," the end of the year has really belonged to GK Productions, with two major projects being promoted and released. The first was "Wages of Sin," the re-edited Philip Krieg film featuring Agent 07's fight against the SIN Agency. That project was released on November 25th and is now availible on YouTube.

"Means to an End," AMPCorp's flagship short film for the year and in many ways a bigger released than "Wages of Sin," is due out December 31st, closing out the year with a bang. This noir-styled film, following the convoluted story of two corrupt agents, comes from the producers of the Agent 07 films, and offers a fresh new style in line with the art-film style that has touched many AMPCorp projects over the last few years. At about 12 minutes, the film is short, but it is a high-quality and ambitious project nonetheless. New locations include Richmond and Raleigh, with some unused footage from the 2013 "Recommendation: Termination" shoot in London being incorporated as well.

Be sure to check the project out on December 31st as AMPCorp closes 2016 -- what has been another successful year. And don't forget to stay tuned to new projects coming early in 2017; the end of the year may belong to GK Productions, but AMPCorp's other divisions have a great lineup of new projects coming in the spring, centered around D-Dowd Productions' premier season of "Charlotte Ferris Today," which will continue production the first week of January. Stay tuned!