First AMP Production Rediscovered

12/02/2015 23:22

On November 25th, the tape for "AMP Classics" (2000), lost since about 2008, was rediscovered by chance in the back of a closet. Having been searching for the VHS for years, it was very fitting that it should be found at the end of AMPCorp's 15th year and LEGACY 15 celebration. To help close out 2015, expect to see some clips released from AMPCorp's first official project on YouTube, perhaps in a mashup with other LEGACY 15 projects. "AMP Classics" featured three main sections, including a Star Trek, paratrooper film, and Ghost Busters segement which was remade in the fall into "Your Friendly Neighborhood ghost Busters." Though the early members of AMPCorp had been making videos in the late 1990's as well, AMP Productions was first criscened in 2000 with the "AMP Classics" project, which sought to make new versions of early AMP projects and set a course for the future.