"First in Justice" Released

08/20/2012 20:48

Thanks to everyone who made the release of "First in Justice" a success! We enjoyed making this short superhero film and think it was a nice close our summer releases at AMPCorp.

"First in Justice" and its main character Robert First have helped to revitalize AMP Productions division of AMPCorp, which has been struggling to find its own identity since AMPCorp's founding. Though it is our flagship division, AMP Productions has always had difficulty finding strong projects like GK Productions' Philip Krieg franchise or D-Dowd Productions' "The Charlotte Ferris Show."

AMP Productions has included a hodgepodge of genres from science fiction to horror to action to drama, but only the long running series "What a Witch," which ended in 2010, ever seemed to stick. Even so, "What a Witch" was at times a very unpassionate venture, and despite its whimsicle style, AMP Productions continued to be a very jumbled and unfocused division.

"The AMP Variety Show" attempted to capitalize on this by aiming AMP Productions at variety programming. While this complimented the other divisions well, it still failed to give AMP Productions itself a vibrant image. We think the Robert First franchise, on the other hand, has the potential to expand and enhance AMP Productions with just what it needs. Furthermore, it mixes the action genre seen in many of the great AMP projects of the past with the whimsical elements prevalent in series such as "What a Witch." The superhero genre also does not directly compete with GK Producions' action image, which has sometimes been a problem before.

We think "First in Justice" has opened a lot of new doors at AMP Productions and we hope it continues to help the division. Your viewership and feedback is much appreciated!