First LEGACY 15 Project Details Announced

02/07/2015 01:08

GK Productions will release GK Star Trek: "Echoes of Yesterday," February 15th, as the first LEGACY 15 project in AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary Celebration. There will be four LEGACY 15 projects this year, one from each division, commissioned to pay homage to early AMPCorp projects. "Echoes of Yesterday" will be the first of these projects, with GK Music releasing the second one this spring: a multi-song music video featuring classic songs from Beat's Myth. In the summer, D-Dowd Productions' "The Amazing James Crabb" will be a comedic reboot of the series that started the division, and AMP Production's "Your Neighborhood Ghost Busters" short film in the fall will be a remake loosly based off of AMPCorp's first project, "AMP Classics."

"Echoes of Yesterday" features new footage with Martin Groff, acting as a frame for flashbacks to classic GK Star Trek scenes. Though production is relatively simple, it still promises to be thought-provoking, and set the mood for AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary. Be on the lookout for the first LEGACY 15 project, coming February 15, and in the mean time, take a look back at the original GK Star Trek films, availible on AMPCorp's amppro5 YouTube channel!