First Legacy 15 Project

02/07/2015 00:57

AMPCorp's Legacy 2015 celebration is now in full swing, with trivia questions, Throwback Thursdays, and much more. But the core of AMPCorp's celebration will be its LEGACY 15 releases--projects produced specifically in honor of AMPCorp's 15th anniversary, paying homage to some of the greatest films of the group's past. Each division will release one project. Scripts are currently being written for D-Dowd Productions' contribution, "The Amazing James Crabb," a comedy series based on the "James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures" show that got the division started in 2003. GK Music is planning a multi-song music video, featuring re-recordings of classic Beat's Myth songs recorded since 2005, and AMP Productions in the early stages of "Your Neighborhood Ghost Busters," a short film which will be a loose remake of "AMP Classics," the very first AMPCorp project from January 2000.

However, the first LEGACY 15 release is coming from GK Productions, and has already been filmed: "Echoes of Yesterday." This short drama film is a new addition to the "GK Star Trek" franchise, which filmed its original science fiction videos between 2000 and 2003. "Echoes of Yesterday" will feature some new footage with Martin Groff, with its core centered on flashbacks to the original films. Though a simple production, this first LEGACY 15 project promises to be thought provoking, and an excellent start to the AMPCorp's celebratory projects for 2015. Be sure to tune in February 15th for the release of the first LEGACY 15 Project!