First Summer Production Days

06/25/2014 19:39

D-Dowd Productions had its first summer production days June 19th and 22nd.

On Thursday production was completed for "In the News," a comical news series, which will be released in July, probably later in the month. Also this day, Charlotte Ferris recorded her EP for the year and music video, "Every Moment," and filmed a scene for a D-Dowd Production due on Halloween.

Sunday was a big day as "The Charlotte Ferris Show" season VI went into main production. Also a few scenes had been filmed in the spring with Emily Smith, Sunday was the first of three major production days. Scenes with Charlotte Ferris at her apartment set were filmed for the season's first seven episodes. Three more episodes will be filmed there in January 2015, and scenes at other sets and with other characters will be filmed on the biggest production day sometime this July. 

Another D-Dowd Production was completed on Sunday as well. "People on the Street," a poetic film coming this August, was filmed with voiceovers recorded at the same time. Some scenes had already been filmed by Martin Groff overseas in the fall, at the same time as "Recommendation: Termination." Expect a trailer and promo pictures soon.

As already stated, the biggest production day of the year will be the D-Dowd "Charlotte Ferris Show" production day with the entire cast in July. D-Dowd Productions will shoot the rest of its Halloween film in the fall. 

GK Music will record a few more tracks for the Beat's Myth album, "Bridge Closed," along with some simple shots for music videos in the coming months. It will also record a piano EP with Robyn Moore which will contain one single.

"First in Action" is in danger of being cancelled this year due to an injury that would prevent production. Depending on timing and interest, the film will either be completed in July or shelved until next year. AMP Productions is planning on releasing a gameshow in the fall as well as a "cuteness-factor" series, "The Cats of North Road."

GK Productions may produce a third season of "Blackwater" this summer, but this is uncertain. Stay tuned for updates.