GK Music Announces the Final Beat's Myth Album

04/18/2017 21:52

After twelve years and twenty albums, Beat's Myth and its label, GK Music, have announced that its 2017 twentieth album will be the group's last. The album, currently under the working title "Mirror," will feature several new songs, experimental tracks, re-recordings, and a montage of past songs, and will spawn at least 3 singles and music videos throughout the year--hopefully more. The first of those releases can be expected in the coming weeks.

Much like with the Agent 07 movies and "The Charlotte Ferris Show," the main reason behind this decision is that it has become increasingly difficult to get the members of the band together for recording and photo shoots. For instance, Emily Smith was unavailable during the first major recording session for "Mirror," at the band's traditional Easter weekend recording. Although several tracks can be completed with keyboard and vocals by Martin Groff and guitar tracks by Brian Smith, which were completed during the weekend, the rest of the album will have to wait until summer, when Emily will hopefully be availible for recording, and Peter Groff's drum tracks can be recorded--already an anticipated delay to the completion of the album.

Distance has always been a problem, but the band members have all moved further away, each living in different cities. Such was the problem that D-Dowd Productions anticipated for "The Charlotte Ferris Show" when they decided to end the sitcom after its seventh season in 2016, and a similar issue caused GK Productions to adjust "Shadows of the Past" to be the twentieth and final Agent 07 film in 2013.

For all intents and purposes, Beat's Myth will be breaking up after the completion of "Mirror," but the members are certainly still on good terms, and hope to produce collaberations, solo tracks, and much more through GK Music in the future. In the meantime, "Mirror" will be a reflection of the past, as well as a push forward. For several years, Beat's Myth members have recorded with varying levels of interest and success. This is also a factor in the decision to stop recording after 2017, but the band members hope this final album will close their run on a high note.

GK Music has already begun plans for a new flagship project after Beat's Myth--something different from what the group has done in the past. More announcements on this project will be coming soon, as recording begins later this year. Although music will still be a part of GK Music's portfolio, largely through solo projects, this new endeavor will be something very different and exciting. 


Beat's Myth is nearing completion of several tracks, and has already started to film new music videos, and recreated the first album photo from 2005 to start promotion for "Mirror." Although completion of the album will have to wait, be on the lookout for new material very soon. Although this twentieth and final album is certainly promising, it is still somewhat bittersweet to announce the end of what is now AMPCorp's longest running project.