GK Productions Prepares Major Announcement

11/01/2014 12:59

GK Productions is planning on making a big announcement early this month. A teaser graphic, namely an updated Philip Krieg Pictures logo with the banner "Ten Years" beneath it, is the only clue made public at this time.

The Philip Krieg, Agnet 07 franchise ended in 2013 after 20 films, and it has been over a year since the release of a movie featuring the secret agent. However, this January will be the 10th anniversary of the first project, "Now or Never," and considering that AMPCorp is also celebrating its 15th overall anniversary, it would seem fitting that GK Productions also celebrate the anniversary of AMPCorp's most influential project. 

But how will this celebration manifest itself? GK Productions confirms that that the producers of the former franchise have been in talks, and of course the new logo has already been released. But will the project be a new film, an anniversary special, or some sort of re-edit? Producers Philip Krieg, Martin Groff and Peter Groff announced during production of the final Agent 07 film, "Shadows of the Past," the hope to someday return to filming the series, but also expressed an interest in re-editing the earlier films. However, with AMP Productions planning an AMPCorp Anniversary Special this winter, it also seems likely that GK Productions would follow a similar format for its Agent 07 Anniversary. 

GK Productions has not confirmed whether it has been in talks with any of the former cast of the franchise, and has not announced any title for the project. It is expected that this information will accompany the official announcement sometime during the first or second week of November. Be sure to stay tuned to AMPCorp's YouTube page, amppro5, and social media (Twitter and Facebook) for the upcoming announcement!