Good Production News From AMPCorp

07/12/2013 18:01

Production of “The Charlotte Ferris Show” season V has begun. On July 7th, most of the scenes with Caroline were filmed. Production will continue the 13th as scenes with a new character, played by Ben Carpenter, are completed. Season V of D-Dowd Productions’ flagship project will be completed with a new multi-camera setup that the production team previously attempted to emulate with one camera. The season is due for a Spring 2014 release, but production should already be about 50% complete by the end of the summer.


D-Dowd Productions has also completed its contribution to AMPCorp’s fall lineup, a new series called “Comedic Commercials.” This series of short, satirical commercials will run 10 episodes twice weekly in October. Episodes range from 40 seconds to two minutes long, with fake but funny advertisements about everything from a do-it-yourself battery making kit to luxury plastic silverware. D-Dowd Productions is very enthusiastic about the comedic content of this series and hopes you will tune in!


GK Productions’ “Blackwater” season II, which will also be released this fall, has been completed. Production began in January and completion was only held up by some short scenes that were completed July 7th.


GK Music has completed its Ampettes’ album “Something Special,” which will release one more music video before the end of the year, and Charlotte Ferris’s self-titled album which will release three more music videos this year, including covers of Beat’s Myth’s “Shadows” and “Unlimited.” Speaking of Beat’s Myth, production of their 2013 “Run out of Time” album is about 3/4 complete. Stay tuned for new music videos in August.


The final, farewell season of “The AMP Variety Show” is almost complete with production. It will be released as the final project of the year at AMPCorp, starting in December. AMP Production’s short super hero film “First in Crime,” a sequel to last year’s “First in Justice,” will commence in late July for an early August release.


Stay tuned for more details and releases throughout the next few months! AMPCorp must have all its 2013 production complete by the middle of August due to absences starting near the end of summer!