Halloween Production Beginning

10/08/2014 12:44

Production on "Voices," D-Dowd Production's Halloween film for 2014, has begun!

Technically, production began in the summer with a scene filmed with Charlotte Ferris central to the plot of the film. Production will continue on location in town and at a farm to fill out the rest of the movie. Expect the finished product at the end of the month! 

This project, rather than horror, is more of a psychological thriller. Bill, the main character, has begun to hear voices. The advice of a clairvoyant causes him to search for a way to stop the voices, leading to a surprising conclusion.

Including some eerie, dark and suspenseful scenes, expect some asthetic beauty in this film as well, as the production team makes use of autumn scenery in several locations. The teaser is now available on YouTube; be sure to stay tuned for a full trailer coming soon!