Heritage 2020: Celebrating 20 Years of AMPCorp

10/07/2019 12:26

Starting in January, AMPCorp will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. AMP Productions started in January 2000, and with GK Productions coming later that year, and sister divisions D-Dowd Productions and GK Music starting in 2003 and 2005 respectively. To celebrate 20 years of memories, AMPCorp has announced its "Heritage 2020" program, which includes a commemorative logo and special projects, including an anniversary special.

The first of the year's speical projects is AMP Productions' Out of Focus, starring Charlotte Ferris, coming January 24th. This experimental psychological short film was created in large part with AMPCorp's original camera, an RCA VHS camcorder from the early 1990s. Although Out of Focus uses an old camera to create certain effects, its story is all-new and distinctly modern.

To help celebrate things at GK Music, which is observing its own 15th anniversary as well, Beat's Myth is back in the studio recording a reunion song. A music video will be released in the spring or early summer. The song is expected to be accompanied by other solo tracks.

GK Productions will release the 22nd Agent 07 film sometime in 2020, as the franchise celebrates its own 15th anniversary. The first Agent 07 film, Now or Never, premiered in January 2005. 

D-Dowd Productions also has several projects in the works, including a new sitcom to celebrate its own heritage. Also expect a couple short films and Comedy Moments throughout the year.

AMPCorp's anniversary special is also expected to come out during the first half of the year, featuring interviews with the main producers. AMPCorp invites you to celebrate with them and hopes you will check out these exciting new projects, and all the others coming out next year!