Introducing "How Does That Make You Feel?" - An All New Sitcom from D-Dowd Productions

01/11/2020 11:50

At the beginning of January, How Does That Make You Feel?, an all new sitcom from D-Dowd Productions, went into production. Production should be completed by the end of this month; the series' 10 episodes will be released Fridays starting in March.

Starring Martin Groff, Ashlin Groff, and Charlotte Ferris, the show follows the funny mishaps of newlyweds Chris and Carol, told through flashbacks to their marriage counselor Dr. Thomson. The title of the series comes from her frequent query, "how does that make you feel?" Charlotte Ferris, who starred in AMPCorp's previous leading sitcoms The Charlotte Ferris Show and Charlotte Ferris Today, plays Dr. Thomson, a far different role from her previous character. Ben Carpenter and Robyn Moore play recurring characters Derek and Mallory, close friends of Chris and Carol.

How Does That Make You Feel? will be released through D-Dowd Productions' sublabel Carpemoore Pictures, which formerly produced Three Too Many in the early 2010s. CF Pictures, which produced The Charlotte Ferris Show and Charlotte Ferris Today will remain on standby for any future projects featuring those shows' characters.

D-Dowd Productions is excited to release this all-new project for 2020, alongside several other new short films and series, including psychological thriller Shadow in the Dark, which was completed this month, and will be released in the fall. Stay tuned for trailers coming soon!