LAF Film Awards: AMPCorp Nominations

01/17/2012 19:21

The LAF (League of Amateur Filmmakers) is a group of independent, low (or no) budget filmmaking organizations like AMPCorp, that uses the network of relationships with fellow filmmakers it has developed to encourage and aid others with their projects, and also promote their own. The LAF allows small, imformal filmmaking companies such as AMPCorp to make connections and build internet friendships with people who share the same interest: filmmaking, whether it be a hobby, aspiring carreer, or anything in between. Though the group is relatively small, there have been enough films this year to sponsor the LAF Movie Awards, with 10 categories, and a total of 55 entries distributed between the categories. Any LAF member is allowed to self-nominate their 2011 projects, and any viewer is allowed to vote, rating each entry they are familier with with up to 10 points.

Voting for the 2011 LAF Movie Awards starts at 12:00 Midnight tonight! Results will hopefully be announced by sometime next week. Let's see what happens!

Official AMP Corporation Nominees:

Best Picture: "Gone Rogue"

Best Actor: Philip Krieg (for Philip in "Gone Rouge")

Best Supporting Actor: Peter Groff (for Alfred Lugner in "Gone Rogue")

Best Actress: Charlotte Ferris (for Charlotte in "The Charlotte Ferris Show")

Best Supporting Actress: Sarah Sensinger (for Miss Pennypacker in "Gone Rogue")

Best Script/Story: Martin Groff (for "Meeting with Destiny")

Best Original Score: No Nominee

Best Visual Effects: Martin Groff (for "Gone Rogue")

Best Cinematography: "Gone Rogue"

Best Series: "The Charlotte Ferris Show"