LEGACY 15 Project Updates

07/17/2015 14:35

Two LEGACY 15 projects, celebrating 15 years of AMPCorp history, have already been released.

In February, GK Productions premiered "Echoes of Yesterday," a new GK Star Trek film that took a reflective look at the first GK Production short films. Currently, as a follow up, GK Productions is also periodically releasing remastered versions of the original GK Star Trek short films. These projects also celebrate 15 years of GK Productions history, as the first GK Star Trek film was made in the year 2000.

In April, GK Music released "MISTS," an extended music video featuring the new song "Mists," and re-recordings of the classic Beat's Myth numbers "Where Did You Go" and "I Walk." As a follow up to this and celebration of Beat's Myth's and GK Music's own 10th anniversaries, a re-recording of "Shadows" will be released as a single later this year, along with one more all-new song.

Coming up on Fridays in August, D-Dowd Productions will contribute its own LEGACY 15 project to the mix, with "The Amazing James Crabb," a comedy-action series based on D-Dowd's original project from 2004, "James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures." The new show pokes fun at the original, which revolved around the ridiculous premise of a hermit crab super-hero, and features a litney of bumbling "bad guys" and the incompetant "good guys" who try to keep them in check. A trailer for this project is coming soon.

Finally, the last LEGACY 15 project will be AMP Production's "Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters," a remake of the very first AMPCorp project from 2000, called "AMP Classics." Though the original tape has unfortunately been lost, the new project tries to keep the spirit of the original alive, with subtle references that still allow for a fresh, fun project. The release will be October 31st, for Halloween.