Major D-Dowd Production Day

04/13/2015 14:11

On Friday, April 10th, the entire crew of D-Dowd Productions met for this year's main production day, which marked the beginning of major production on "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VII, as well as a new series, "The Amazing James Crabb." Each year since about 2011, D-Dowd Productions has had one such day, centered around the production of the new season of "The Charlotte Ferris Show." During these main production events, scenes featuring all or multiple cast members are filmed, along with other D-Dowd projects that involve multiple cast members, and some tie-in projects with other divisions. GK Music just had its traditional major production weekend over Easter (which has occured since 2005), and GK Productions used to also have at least two major production days or weekends per year, in the summer and on New Year's Day.

D-Dowd's major production day traditionally was held in the summer, but due to changing schedules and situations, it was pushed to the spring this year to make sure it would be able to happen. Several of the most key scenes for the 2016 season of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" sitcom were filmed, and D-Dowd Productions is preparing to make a major announcement about the show within the next few weeks. Scenes featuring Charlotte Ferris or multiple cast members were also filmed for "The Amazing James Crabb," a comedy-action series slated for release this summer which will help to celebrate AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary. The original series "James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures" was an important early attempt at filmmaking for all of AMPCorp, and the new series fondly mocks some of the ridiculous elements of that project. The D-Dowd crew also filmed a scene for an upcoming GK Productions short film similar in style to "Recommendation: Termination." The project, still untitled, is a somewhat less complicated plot than last year's film, but will still feature several world locations and exciting plot twists.

Stay tuned for promotions and announcements regarding these projects in the near future, all availible on our YouTube channel amppro5, on Facebook and on Twitter @amppro5.