Major Updates on the 20th Philip Krieg Movie

03/25/2013 20:08

GK Productions is approaching a significant milemarker in its history. The Philip Krieg Franchise, active since 2005, is about to produce its 20th film, a direct sequel to "Do or Die."

There have been significant changes to the original film that was supposed to follow up "Do or Die."

It was announced at the end of that film that Philip Krieg would return in "Down to the Wire," but that title is being reconsidered due to the major developments and twists the script has taken. In the running for the new title are "Shadows of the Past" and "Ghosts from the Past." Thematically, the film will delve deeply into the lead character's psyche, examining not only his view on killing, but his view of himself. Tormented by dreams of the past, Krieg is forced to discover where he stands in relation to the future. This theme works nicely for this the 20th film, because it allows for a look back at all the previous movies while doing something totally new.

Hope S. Cape, played by Sara Eliason, will not appear in the film, though Lessis Moore (Robyn Moore) and Kathleen Omni (Alyssa Patches) will. Ben Carpenter will return as Thirteen, and Tom Smith will also be asked to return as Forty-Two. Ryan Fletcher is also slated to make a cameo appearence. As in the preceding film, Sarah Sensinger will return as Miss Pennypacker in a pre-recorded scene (filmed last summer), and the perennial cast of Philip Krieg as Agent 07, Peter Groff as the main villain Jake Waldman, and Martin Groff as Seventeen will reprise their traditional roles.

The most recent news is that several other actors will join the cast of the new movie, namely Linda Baldassano, Brian Smith and Emily Smith. Linda has appeared in several preceding Philip Krieg movies, most significantly in "Dead or Alive" and "Meeting with Destiny" as the underground banker Miss Monet. The size of her role in this film will be comparable to those films, though she will also be involved in a short action sequence as the script reads now, and her contribution to the overall theme of the movie is very significant.

Brian Smith, who played Robert First in AMP Productions' "First in Justice" last summer, will play the main villain's brother, Robert Waldman, and Emily Smith (Ms. Yost in D-Dowd Productions' "Three Too Many") will play Ivanna Killyu, an adversary particularly to Seventeen.

GK Productions also hopes Charlotte Ferris (star of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" who appeared in "Black Abyss") will return for this film--but the identity of her character is still under wraps.

Production has technically already begun; the final scene of the film, which necessitated a winter setting, was recorded during the production of "Do or Die," though changes in the script have shifted the meaning of the symbolic scene rather drastically. Production will continue in late March with the filming of the Brian and Emily Smith scenes. GK Productions hopes to complete all of the main production in May, which is earlier than usual for a summer Philip Krieg movie.

Planned locations include the rural areas utilized in "Gone Rogue," and the film will include a short car chase and longer four-wheeler sequence, with emphasis on hand-to-hand combat.

Though no release date has been announced, a day in June or early July is the most likely candidate.