Mid-Summer Updates

07/17/2015 14:06

◇AMPCorp Updates for the Summer of 2015


✧D-Dowd Productions


"The Amazing James Crabb," the new comedy-adventure series from D-Dowd Productions based on its founding project "James Crabb: Hermit Crab Adventures" from 2004, will be releasing episodes Fridays starting in August. The new show pokes fun at the original series, which was had the rather ridiculous premise of a super-hero hermit crab, but was nonetheless an important project in AMPCorp history. Tune in to see how incompetent "good guys" fend off their bumbling "bad-guy" enemies, with plenty of laughs, and even a few moments of suspense. Be on the lookout for a trailer coming soon! This series stars Charlotte Ferris, Martin Groff, Robyn Moore, Ben Carpenter and Emily Smith, with planned guest appearances from all other active members of AMPCorp. It is a LEGACY 15 project, meaning it is a special series dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of AMPCorp.


"The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VII remains in production; although the central cast will not return to filming until January, scripts have been sent out to the other recurring main characters who will send their footage long distance, including a new character for the final season of the show.



|||GK Productions


"In the Balence" is still in production, with a December release planned. Actor availibility may force some scenes to be rewritten, but the main and most difficult parts of the film have already been completed. One of the last two shoots may take place in August; if that falls through, it will be held until November or rewritten.


GK Productions is currently releasing remastered versions of its original project which started in 2000, "GK Star Trek." These periodic releases are meant to be a part of AMPCorp's 15th Anniversary celebration, and follow up GK Production's February contribution to the set of LEGACY 15 projects, which was a new "GK Star Trek" film called "Echoes of Yesterday." The remasters include better film quality from original production tapes, improved special effects, and full audio and video re-editing.



///AMP Productions


AMP Productions is currently releasing season II of "Around the World: In Three Minutes," an informational travel series featuring Rome, Brussels, Luxembourg and Bern this year. Look for these four episodes Fridays through the end of July.


An abstract avant-garde short film from AMP Productions is also in post-production, with a September release planned.


On Halloween, be on the lookout for "Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Busters," a short comedy film and AMP Production's contribution to the set of LEGACY 15 projects. This film is a look remake of the very first official AMPCorp project, "AMP Classics," which was filmed in 2000 but has unfortunately been lost. The film follows a scientist and buisnessman who team up to start a ghost-extermination agency, and stars Ben Carpenter, Martin Groff, Robyn Moore and Brian Smith. Production is complete, except for one scene which will be filmed in October shortly before the release.


The aesthetic series "A Cat's Life" will also release three episodes in November, and is currently in production.



❍GK Music


Most of the recording for Beat's Myth's 2015 album, "Mists," has been completed and is now being mixed. Several singles have already been released, but two more are in the works for this year, including an all new song and a re-recording of "Shadows." The main release from the album, which was uploaded to YouTube in the spring, was the "Mists/Where Did You Go/I Walk" music video, celebrating 15 years of AMPCorp history, 10 years of Beat's Myth and acting as GK Music's contribution to the LEGACY 15 projects.


Robyn Moore recorded an EP of piano hymns in June. "How Great Thou Art," the only single from the record, was also released that month and is now on YouTube.