Mid-Summer Updates

07/11/2016 13:41

Several things have been happening at AMPCorp since the big series finale of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" back in May.


✧D-Dowd Productions

A spinoff to "The Charlotte Ferris Show," called "Charlotte Ferris Today," was announced on AMPCorp's YouTube channel, amppro5, on June 6th. A pilot episode was released on July 1st to give a preview of the new show and open a space for feedback. Charlotte Ferris and Martin Groff will star in "Charlotte Ferris Today" as Charlotte and John, both moved to Raleigh after the events in "The Charlotte Ferris Show" Season VII. The new show will thus feel like earlier seasons of "The Charlotte Ferris Show," when there were fewer recurring characters, though the producers still hope to have guest appearances by old regulars from time to time. The new and reformatted show allows the cast and crew to participate at a more sustainable level, trimming the size and complicated nature of production and providing more time to focus on the quality and progression of the show. Elements of D-Dowd Productions' previous sitcom "Three Too Many" will also be included in the format of "Charlotte Ferris Today," giving the show a snappier, more urban feel. Expect the first season to premier in the spring.

"The Transcendentalist," an art film from D-Dowd's Airbrush Pictures, was released on June 16th. Though this will likely be D-Dowd Productions' only short film this year, expect to see more artistic projects like this in the future. Flicker Pictures will also offer a new short comedy series featuring funny commercials and other related material. Expect this series to be released in the fall.


|||GK Productions

Work has already begun on "Wages of Sin," the new Agent 07 re-edit set to premier in November. This film will combine footage from the second five Agent 07 movies, or the SIN (Secret Intelligence Nation) story-arc, into one cohesive feature film. Like "Against All Odds" in 2015, this movie will shift some of the ordering of events to improve plot flow, include new footage and alternate takes, and of course feature new special effects.

GK Productions' major short film for the year will be "Means to an End," a noir project from Eclipse Pictures, which produced "In the Balance" and "Recommendation: Termination." Like those films, "Means to an End" will feature some international locations, but the majority of its focus will be on a dark and mysterious storyline playing out between two characters working at a secret agency. The film will star Martin and Peter Groff, whose production will be completed in the coming weeks, but will also feature Philip Krieg, whose availibility is not yet certain. Under ideal conditions, the film will be released in September; if not, it will be pushed back to a December release.


///AMP Productions 

Several small projects are in the works at AMP Productions, including a third season of "A Cat's Life," due out in the fall, a third season of "Around the World: In Three Minutes," which will begin releases this month, and an abstract experimental project coming this fall or early winter from Vanguard Pictures.


❍GK Music

Beat's Myth has been slow to release its first single this year; traditionally one would have been out in the spring, but this year the first will be ready by the end of this month. "Inverted," the group's 19th album, includes some experimental tracks this year, at least one of which will be released as a single. Most of these tracks are either completed or near completion, but music videos must still be edited before a YouTube release will be possible.


We hope you'll stay tuned to these and other projects in the coming months!