Mid-Summer Updates

07/04/2017 18:38

June was a busy month for AMPCorp, with several projects making considerable progress.

✧D-Dowd Productions

"Charlotte Ferris Today" Season II went into production early in the month. This season will contain 10 episodes, like last season, with new storylines, and more guest appearances from old friends. Production is expected to continue within the next couple weeks. D-Dowd Productions has also produced several new shorts for the second season of its "Comedy Moments" series, continuing some of the themes started last season, but adding totally new sketches as well. The short film "A Haunting" will continue production in the fall.

|||GK Productions
Pre-production on "Slides" is wrapping up and production is expected to begin shortly. This new short film from Eclipse Pictures should be released by early fall, and will continue the neo-noir vibe of last year's "Means to an End" while also injecting it with more of the big action of its Agent 07 predecessors. The next Agent 07 re-edit, "Tangents and Parallels" will likely be pushed off until next year.

///AMP Productions

AMP Productions just released "Around the World: In Three Minutes" Season IV, and "Vernal Watching," and is also working on a fourth season of "A Cat's Life."

❍GK Music

Beat's Myth hopes to finish recording for its final album by the end of August. Percussion tracks are expected to be recorded this week, with final vocals slated to be recorded by early August. GK Music is also working on a new project called "Westerly," which is a radio drama. More details on that coming soon.