New Acts at GK Music

02/21/2012 22:39

Today, GK Music opened up its new Rikkel Records sub-label to compliment the current Beat's Myth band, thus far its only music act, in the Beat's Myth Records sublable. Rikkel Records will focus on solo acts, and began by introducing two new artists, the first two in GK Music's plan to diversify by adding new acts in 2012.

Robyn Moore, of the "Three Too Many" and "The Charlotte Ferris Show" sitcoms at D-Dowd Productions, completed her first album "The Mrs. Beethoven" today. Robyn Moore plays piano, a talent which was introduced on "The AMP Variety Show" in 2011, and her debut album features many of the works of Beethoven. The first of two singles, "Für Elise" will be released February 22nd.

The second solo act Rikkel Records debuted today was Charlotte Ferris. Like Moore, Ferris debuted as a musician at AMPCorp in AMP Production's "The AMP Variety Show" last year. Ferris will be recording a pop album, the first song of which, a jazzy selection called "Something Good in Store," was finished today. The music video was also filmed and is expected to be released in early March.

GK Music plans to expand both the new Rikkel Records and Beat's Myth Records subdivisions this year, and has so far gotten a good start. Look for new albums by new acts in addition to GK Music's staple Beat's Myth album this year.