New Episodes Every Friday: "Charlotte Ferris Today"

03/27/2017 11:08

"Charlotte Ferris Today" released its premier episode on March 10th. In that episode, Charlotte makes her way to her new apartment in Raleigh, only to find that she has an unexpected room mate--John, who has decided to move to Raleigh, too! After they figure things out and find their own places to live, we learn more about Charlotte's and John's jobs in episodes two and three. There is a lot more exciting laughter to come this season, so be sure to stay tuned every week!


Below is a list of episode titles in tentative release order.


March 10th: Episode 1, "Roomies"

March 17th: Episode 2, "Corner Office"

March 24th: Episode 3, "You Can't Fire Me!"

March 31st: Episode 4, "Mr. Simon's Visit"

April 7th: Episode 5, "Charlotte's Course"

April 14th: Episode 6, "Lifetime Supply"

April 21st: Episode 7, "Special Delivery"

April 28th: Episode 8, "Charlotte in the 90's"

May 5th: Episode 9, "John the Movie Star"

May 12th: Episode 10, "Caroline's Wedding"