New Logos for 2016

09/18/2015 23:31

AMPCorp is in the process of choosing new logos for 2016, including for each division. Since 2004, this has been done every 3 years to reflect new styles, directions, and technology at AMPCorp.

The process takes several weeks, starting with rough drafts of basic ideas created by AMPCorp chief executive Martin Groff. These are then sent out to division executive producers. Charlotte Ferris is currently reviewing potential designs as executive of D-Dowd Productions, with Philip Krieg reviewing designs for GK Productions, Brian and Emily Smith for GK Music, and Peter Groff for AMP Productions.

Once a basic design is settled on for each division, final graphics wil be created, including visuals to play before and after film releases, and still shots for other branding.

The previous set of logos, designed in 2013, were meant to be bold and powerful, suggesting the recent huge productions of 2012. But with AMPCorp downsizing and turning its focus to more managable projects, particularly related to the art-film genre, the 2016 logos are expected to be somewhat more abstract.

Nonetheless, they will attempt to retain the flavor that has held true to each logo since nearly the beginning. For instance, the four-pointed star in D-Dowd Production's logo was first introduced in 2007, while the basic shapes of the AMP and GK logos reach back as far as the very first designs around 2000/2001. They will also maintain their current color branding (blue for AMP Productions, gray for D-Dowd Productions, black for GK Productions, and red for GK Music).

Be on the lookout for an introduction of the new logos, either on or before January 1st, 2016.