New Series from AMP Productions

11/17/2014 18:23

AMP Productions has started release of a new series, "A Cat's Life," Sundays in November. The first episode was slightly delayed, but is now availible on YouTube. "A Cat's Life," a project formerly under the working title "The Cats of North Road," has been in the works since the end of "What a Witch" in 2010 as a replacement for that series. Over the years, the idea went through several incarnations, including a scripted format with talking cat characters and a montage format with narrated poetry. The project was delayed due to other AMP Productions projects, including "The AMP Variety Show," which shifted AMP's focus away from the "What a Witch" styled fantasy genre. "A Cat's Life" goes slightly back towards this whimsical direction, though more subtley. The final product, for season one at least, is pretty simple: a montage of adorable cats with music in the background. This is a very cute series that seeks to re-engage former "What a Witch" viewers and expand AMPCorp's appeal to different audiences. However, because the series fell together rather quickly, it has received little promotion, and is certainly unlikely to challenge the importance of "The Charlotte Ferris Show" or projects like the upcoming Philip Krieg re-edit any time soon.